our wines / Béres Eszencia 2007

Béres Eszencia 2007

vintage: 2007
kind: sweet
type: eszencia



capacity: 0.250 l
alcohol content: 3.5 %
acid contenct: 17.4 g/l
residual sugar: 504 g/l

Wine description

Tokaji Eszencia. Tokaj’s world-famous, unique treasure.

Eszencia. The essence, extract, a determining, indispensable element of something. Heart and soul.


Tokaji Eszencia. Tokaj’s world-famous, unique treasure. The honey-sweet juice dripping under the weight of individually picked aszú berries is cited even in the national anthem of Hungary:   „And let nectar’s silver rain ripen grapes of Tokay soon …” . A natural and exclusive wine speciality created only in the finest vintages.


Béres Tokaji Eszencia. Beauty and harmony. Honey and gold. An exceptional and unrivalled gift for festive moments. A sweet kiss, an intimate embrace.

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